Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Year 3 starts tomorrow!

The kids went back to school this morning.  I am feeling out of sorts having them gone.  It was a busy, fun, truly great summer.  And suddenly its over. 

Maybe I was in denial about school starting up again, as I've never been so unprepared for the start of the school year, as I was this year.  My middle child and I were at a couple stores late on Sunday evening, trying to scrounge up duotangs and glue sticks and pencil cases.  We did find some though, and most everything got organized in time.

My first orientation is tomorrow, when apparently the university will clarify everything for me.  I must admit, I think I was born under an unlucky star, when it comes to administrative stuff.  If something can go wrong in paperwork, sign up, basically any kind of administrative role, there's almost a guarantee that it'll go wrong with me.

My school's website tell me that I'm doing my paediatrics rotation first, followed by the maternity/L&D rotation.  The charts clearly show when my paediatrics lab orientation is, later this week, as well as my placement at the children's hospital, along with all my shifts.  That's great, I've made a calendar for myself with everything organized and clear.

Then I get emails from clinical instructors -- three different instructors, to be precise, who are all telling me when and where to report for my L&D rotation (the one I'm supposed to start at the end of October, and the one I don't have any labs scheduled for until again, the end of October). 

And not only did I receive information from three different instructors for the same clinical rotation, I've been told to report to two different hospitals for the same rotation!!!!  Crazy!!!

I've emailed the co-ordinator for third year, outlined the issue, supported my facts with evidence (yes, evidence based nursing practice!) and basically asked for clarification.

She replied and assured me that she'll clarify everything tomorrow morning, during the intro orientation. 

I'm so frustrated.  I just want to know where to go and when, and what rotation I'm doing, and when my clinical shifts will be.  I'm trying so hard to be organized this year, and it feels like I'm at the same place I'd have been, had I not been trying to be organized.  Spinning my wheels in place. 

Hopefully tomorrow it will get all sorted out.  It better, because the lab orientation starts the day after that.  And hopefully it will just get better...

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