Friday, April 13, 2012

Music and Memory Project

Here is a YouTube video that shows an exerpt from the "music and memory project", with reneowned neurologist, Dr. Oliver Sacks narrating (his work was portrayed in the movie 'Awakenings').

The video shows Henry, an elderly man with dementia in a nursing home, who is not able to communicate or respond when spoken to.  His reaction to hearing his beloved tunes from his young days transforms him -- not only does he respond to the stimulus, but then he is actually able to verbally respond to questions.  For a brief period of time, he is restored to himself.

"What does music do to you?  It gives me the feeling of love...I feel a band of love and dreams..."

"Music brings a sense of identity back to people who are 'out of it'" -- Dr. Sacks

What a gift.

P.S. And while you're at it, take a peek at Cab Calloway music on YouTube, and say that "Henry sent you".  I looked at a few videos, and saw in the comments section, that many people had written, "Henry sent me here". 

I'd never heard of Cab Calloway before, and now have learned about another great musical artist.

Thank you, Henry!

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  1. I love this! Don't know if i'd change my mind about getting into Geriatrics but certainly a wonderful therapy and gift for those who seem out of it, like me :P after after a tough exam! I think, I shall listen to some music now! :)