Tuesday, June 3, 2014

4th Year Registration!

Tomorrow morning, I can sign up for my fourth (and final!!!) year classes.  I can hardly believe it.

We will take community health, complex care, and a couple courses dealing with political/economic aspects of health care and interprofessional practice. And, of course, do our consolidation rotation.

The biggest decision will be what specialty to choose to consolidate/specialize in. Emergency is the primary contender, and has been for awhile now. But I must also admit, I'm really interested in community and public health, too.  The plan is that all the clinical practice will lead to a Nurse Practitioner degree in a couple years...but I need to focus on finishing one degree before moving on to the next.  :-)

So for the moment, I see myself landing a job in an emergency room next year. If I could have my dream job, I'd work at that job part-time, and get a second job, also part-time, in a primary care community clinic, where I could work in the perinatal area.

That combination, would be heaven on earth.