Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's words of inspiration

Today's quote is short, simple and to the point.

"Follow your own star!"
-- Dante

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The plague...

...seems to have hit our family. 

This has been, I believe, a record bad year for us being sick.  The strangest part has been how many sniffles, colds, coughs, fevers, ear aches, headaches, throwing up, sore throats, oh yes, I better not forget pneumonia, we've had in the spring and summer of 2011.

It used to be the month of February that I dreaded the most.  In previous years, our family essentially shut down for that month, due to sickness.  I remember one awful February, several years back, when dear friends from far away were driving through our city, and planned to come for an overnight visit.  We were living with a particularly bad viral strain, I remember telling them, "Keep driving, and make sure your car windows are closed tight, so that we don't infect you."

Well, this summer is turning into another viral nightmare.  Dear husband is battling a chest cold for almost two weeks now, youngest child is getting over pneumonia but the cough is relapsing, so we are trying to determine if it is round two of pneumonia, or asthma, our son has some gastro thing going, and so far, middle child and I are OK. 

Sorry for the complaining.  I know as a nurse I will be working around sick people, but also as a nurse, I want to leave the sickness behind at work, and come home to my healthy family. 

Especially in the summer, when we should be enjoying and making the most of our short Canadian summer!!!

Time to repeat my parenting mantra, "This too shall pass..."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's words of inspiration

For today's entry, I am providing a link to a blog I stumbled upon.  This is a blog that contains inspirational quotes, presented in a very nice format, and seems to be updated often. 

I scrolled down the blog, and found so many great quotes.

Of the many that I really liked, one stood out.  I wrote it down, and placed it on my study table (yes, I have my nursing school study desk already set up in our home office -- with 'strict' orders for the hubby and kids to keep their stuff off it!  I want one clutter-free area in the house...but I digress!  Lol!)  

The quote I wrote out was, "Suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret."  This is so true, in so many areas of life.

I'll be thinking about that in the coming years, when feeling like studying won't be too high of my list of priorities...yes, procrastination about studying can happen...

Here's the link to the site:

Enjoy, and happy weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anyone start their nursing career later in life?

Many have, apparently!

This was the title of a post on, started in 2005.

So far, there have been 949 responses to this question, with the latest answers coming in May 2011.  Many people answering are older than me, and seemingly very, very happy with their decisions.

When I need some inspiration to make this career change a reality, I read a few of the answers.  It makes me realize that there are other people out there who willingly left successful careers (i.e. those in NS not as a result from being laid-off or in a dead-end job and upgrading), at my stage of life (married, kids, house, dog, etc!), and many were even significantly older.

Here's the link to the thread:

Only 8 more weeks until classes start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's words of inspiration

Here are several quotes again...there are just so many amazing quotes out there, that I want to share.  If I just do a single quote a week, I'll never get them all posted.

These are by a guy called Napoleon Hill, on career, achievement, and living your own life.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend! 


"The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat."

"Find out what you really love to do, and then find a way to make a good living doing it."

"No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like. The most essential step in the marketing of personal services is that of selecting an occupation into which you can throw yourself wholeheartedly."  

"Close friends and relatives, while not meaning to do so, often handicap one through "opinions" and sometimes through ridicule, which is meant to be humorous. Thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them all through life, because some well-meaning but ignorant person destroyed their confidence through "opinions" or ridicule."  

"The majority of people permit relatives, friends, and the public at large to so influence them that they cannot live their own lives, because they fear criticism. Duty does not require any person to submit to the destruction of his personal ambitions and the right to live his own life in his own way."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gave my first shot!!!

My wonderful, supportive, easygoing husband was my first "victim" -- or rather "willing participant" to be the first recipient of my injection-giving future nurse self.  Hubby and the kids all needed a Twinrix booster shot (hep A & B), so we went to our doc's office last week to get this done. 

Back in May, when I was getting my various shots for nursing school, the clinic nurse showed me how to give needles, after I asked her to teach it to me (yes, I am a keener to learn!  Teach me!  Show me!  Explain stuff to me!).

Then last week, as the same nurse was getting the shots ready, I jokingly said maybe I should give hubby his shot.  Was I floored when she said I could, if he consented.  He was a bit surprised, but was game.  However, he did say that he knew he'd be my nursing 'guinea pig' for various things I'll be learning over the years, but didn't think an injection would be the first thing on the agenda...

And perhaps what surprised me the most, was the confidence I felt when I gave it to him.  My hands weren't shaking like I thought they would be.  If I say so myself, it was a damn good shot.  It felt like I'd been doing it for years.  I was on a 'high' for the rest of the day.  I was so happy about having done this little thing.  I know giving shots will become very routine one day, but this first time was a big deal.

Yes, this career change to the medical field is, beyond any doubt, the place I belong.  If I feel this great after doing such a simple procedure, I can only imagine how it will feel after working a shift in L&D or emerg. 

Imagine having rewarding work?????  I can only imagine for now, but I'm starting to believe it may be a reality one day.