Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

'Healthy fear', transitions and leaving one's 'comfort zone'

I've been coming across all kinds of interesting books at the library in the past few months.  It is quite amazing at times, to see what comes in when you just type in a keyword and the list of books it generates!

One small, quick read book was written by Barbara De Angelis, PhD., called, "Confidence. Finding It and Living It."

In one section of the book she talks about fear associated with transition and about starting new ventures.  Her take was that fear is a positive -- a good sign, that it means that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming more than you currently are.

She summarizes it best in her words:

"If you don't have a dream in your head right now that scares you, then you've probably stopped dreaming. 

A lot of people stop dreaming because they don't believe in their ability to make their dreams come true, which is very convenient because then you can't fail....I call that 'healthy fear'. But when you have dreams and do nothing about them all your life, and you let the fear paralyze you, that's not healthy.

Every time I undertake a new project, or commit to a new dream, I'm scared -- scared of failing, of not doing it right that I may be making a mistake.  But the difference between me and most other people is that I don't misinterpret the fear as a sign that I should stop doing what I'm doing. 
I don't use the fear as an excuse to not go forward.  In fact, when I'm feeling nervous or frightened, it usually means that I'm really stretching myself out of my comfort zone and into new directions -- in other words, it usually means that I'm doing great!"
Those paragraphs really sum up my experience of the past few months.  However, that scenario described in the book is applicable to any kind of change or transition a person may be going through, not just a career change.  We have said a sad goodbye to close family friends this past week, who moved to Australia.  They are currently out of their comfort zone and going through this same type of transition.  See, this concept is definitely applicable to more than career change!  ;-)

Just something to think about, that indicates that fear is not necessarily a bad thing -- just a reality of life!  And, the change does not have to be as drastic as a complete career change or moving to the other side of the world.

Next week is the last full week of classes before the term ends...and preparation for finals begins...more on that later!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second round of mid-terms over!

Whew.  That was an intense, brain-straining marathon. Another 3 exams over.  My dear husband is a very patient man, and lived through the week with grace and bringing home take-out dinners a couple nights. It is somewhat odd, as I mentioned in my previous post, to be having another set of 'mid-term' exams near the end of the term.  We will have two more weeks of classes, and then we have finals.  And one term will be done!

The anatomy/physiology exam went excellent, if I can say so myself.  It was one of those awesome exams when it all comes together, and you clearly know the correct answer to the multiple choice questions, and some of the options given seem ridiculous.  So that one went very well (I hope!).  The other two exams were back-to-back.  I finished writing the first one in about an hour, so I had about an hour before the second one started.  I think they went OK, but I didn't have that awesome feeling leaving the exam room. 

During the third exam (psychology), as I was diligently filling out the little circles on the scan sheet, I kept telling myself that every little circle I colour in, I am one coloured circle closer to being a nurse -- I just have to get through the exam.  It is an interesting course, but I must admit, I see little relevance between the course content and being a nurse.  Perhaps the link will become more obvious during clinicals or when I'm actually working as a nurse, but for now it seems like a 'filler' course in the nursing program.  But like I said, it is interesting and I'm mostly enjoying it, but there just seems to be little relevance to my end goal in its content.

Now to just re-group my focus and energy on the homestretch.  Oh, and maybe tidy up the house a little and even have some fun!!!  :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exam marathon begins

Today will be the first exam of 3 in the next 48 hours. 

I feel good, albeit nervous (of course -- as per usual for any exam!).  My cold is mostly over, I've been sleeping again, and have actually managed to have some info stick in my brain.  Hopefully it is the correct info that I will need later today.  Lol!

Now I just have to remember to breathe.  Breathing is always good!  :-)

I have a lot to write here, but it will have to wait until this set of second 'midterms' is over.  Midterms three weeks before finals???  I'm not sure what is going on with that, but that is simply the way it is.

Best of luck, strength and stamina to anyone writing exams (and extra patience to anyone living with somebody writing exams)!!!

Onward and upward.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Post-vacation bliss is over...

...and has been replaced with yet another round of chest coughs and sore throats (times 3 members in the family, including yours truly).  Why is it in the past year I've picked up seemingly every virus and germ that has even remotely looked my way.  This is not good -- how do I expect to function as a nurse, working with SICK people, when these days I seem to succumb every few weeks to a new virus???

Next week has another round of exams in store -- 3 exams to be precise -- including two exams on Thursday, back to back. 

The kids seems to have picked up a new hobby...bickering amongst themselves constantly, that is, when they are not interrupting a studying mom every two minutes.  And don't even get me started on what the house looks like.  I'll rather just close my eyes to the mess right now.  The stress of it all is getting to me, greatly exacerbated by the fact that sleep has become, yet again, a seemingly elusive commodity.

Why I am doing this?

Right now, honestly, I'm not sure.

I've signed up for a volunteer info night at a local hospital, to have some contact with the medical setting.  Perhaps that will make this year's experience feel more 'real', that I'm actually in nursing school, and not just in classes.  There are no clinicals in the first year of the program, so perhaps getting myself in a medical setting is what I need, to remind me how much I loved being in that as to stick out the next few years in the program.

Time to take littlest one for her swimming lesson, and then scoot over to the school for their Rememberance Day ceremony. 

Thank you, Canadian and other Soldiers, past, present and future.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to blogging

What a long 'weekend' my blogging break turned out to be!!! 

After the week of midterm exams, I did indeed take a weekend breather off studying.  Then I attended class for another week, and then went on a little holiday...a trip to this might recognize the castle...

Doing things like this as a student is a definite advantage of being a 'non-traditional student'!  Lol! 

Our week at Disney was incredible, the days full to exhaustion given that we were at the parks when they opened, and we stayed to see the spectacular fireworks shows in the evenings.  The kids were almost beside themselves in wonder as we tried so many of the rides (our 5 year old LOVED Space Mountain -- methinks we may have a bit of a daredevil on our hands!!!), and attended many shows...and of course...met the princesses (the girls loved that) and my son fought Darth Vader on stage (yep, saved the universe from the dark side, everyone can rest easy).

Now back to reality. Sigh.  Luckily the weather has been OK here, sunny and reasonably warm (and not snowing yet!!!).  However, I do so miss the palm trees...

I think I left part of my brain in Disney, as I haven't yet gotten back into the full swing of life at home.  I am studying, I finished another physiology assignment (100% this time - wahoo!!!), and have another round of exams gearing up in a week and half (gulp).  But here I am, still basking in the post-vacation relaxation feeling.  Which is a good thing, generally speaking, but not so good for maintaining academic performance!  Lol!

However, this weekend is seeing me get back on track somewhat, and I know that things will all be back on track where they should be this coming week.