Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to blogging

What a long 'weekend' my blogging break turned out to be!!! 

After the week of midterm exams, I did indeed take a weekend breather off studying.  Then I attended class for another week, and then went on a little holiday...a trip to this might recognize the castle...

Doing things like this as a student is a definite advantage of being a 'non-traditional student'!  Lol! 

Our week at Disney was incredible, the days full to exhaustion given that we were at the parks when they opened, and we stayed to see the spectacular fireworks shows in the evenings.  The kids were almost beside themselves in wonder as we tried so many of the rides (our 5 year old LOVED Space Mountain -- methinks we may have a bit of a daredevil on our hands!!!), and attended many shows...and of course...met the princesses (the girls loved that) and my son fought Darth Vader on stage (yep, saved the universe from the dark side, everyone can rest easy).

Now back to reality. Sigh.  Luckily the weather has been OK here, sunny and reasonably warm (and not snowing yet!!!).  However, I do so miss the palm trees...

I think I left part of my brain in Disney, as I haven't yet gotten back into the full swing of life at home.  I am studying, I finished another physiology assignment (100% this time - wahoo!!!), and have another round of exams gearing up in a week and half (gulp).  But here I am, still basking in the post-vacation relaxation feeling.  Which is a good thing, generally speaking, but not so good for maintaining academic performance!  Lol!

However, this weekend is seeing me get back on track somewhat, and I know that things will all be back on track where they should be this coming week.

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