Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The plague...

...seems to have hit our family. 

This has been, I believe, a record bad year for us being sick.  The strangest part has been how many sniffles, colds, coughs, fevers, ear aches, headaches, throwing up, sore throats, oh yes, I better not forget pneumonia, we've had in the spring and summer of 2011.

It used to be the month of February that I dreaded the most.  In previous years, our family essentially shut down for that month, due to sickness.  I remember one awful February, several years back, when dear friends from far away were driving through our city, and planned to come for an overnight visit.  We were living with a particularly bad viral strain, I remember telling them, "Keep driving, and make sure your car windows are closed tight, so that we don't infect you."

Well, this summer is turning into another viral nightmare.  Dear husband is battling a chest cold for almost two weeks now, youngest child is getting over pneumonia but the cough is relapsing, so we are trying to determine if it is round two of pneumonia, or asthma, our son has some gastro thing going, and so far, middle child and I are OK. 

Sorry for the complaining.  I know as a nurse I will be working around sick people, but also as a nurse, I want to leave the sickness behind at work, and come home to my healthy family. 

Especially in the summer, when we should be enjoying and making the most of our short Canadian summer!!!

Time to repeat my parenting mantra, "This too shall pass..."

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