Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer blogging - health communication and more!

So here I am, back in the corporate world for almost a month now, continuing my professional career.  My first year of nursing school is finished, and school will resume in September.  That leaves a few months to fill, where I don't have nursing school to write about. 

I really enjoy writing, and don't want to stop updating my blog over the summer.  Therefore, I've decided that in the coming months, I will write about health.  I am a so-called 'communications professional' -- I've been in the communications field my entire career.  I've mentioned before that I love the idea of combining my communications skills with the medical field.  So I will be a "medical communicator" writer over the summer.  There is so much medical information that I want people to be aware of, and here is my platform.

Also, I am planning to write about a topic that is consistent with this blog's purpose -- to help encourage people who want to make a mid-life career change.  I seem to constantly be coming across interesting articles and blogs that talk about the issues involved about making a career change.  About personal satisfaction in what you do, (or at least liking and enjoying what your work is!).  About gathering up the courage, despite the 'golden handcuffs', that keep so many people from making a change.  About the fear of transition and the unknown, and staying put, even though one may be profoundly unhappy where they're at, and about the negative health effects such a scenario that can bring on.

Finally, I also plan to write about gratitude.  About voluntary simplicity.  About enjoying life, not just planning to live, or wanting to change -- but simply about enjoying what you have, right here, right now.

So stay tuned.  There are many interesting blog entries to come over the summer.

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