Monday, January 24, 2011

Snippet of wisdom

I came across this random thought I wait (and wait, and wait) to hear the university admission committee's decision (mid-March has never seemed so far away!), this snippet of wisdom makes me feel good.

"Be careful of what you wish for, not just because you might get it, but because in the wishing, you may reinforce its absence in your life.

Better to give a great, big "Yeehaa!  Thank you!  Whoohooo!" in advance for having already received it, and act as if you already have."

I can certainly do that!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waiting & fighting a cold bug

Not much to report, on either the university admissions front, or the agonizing over leaving my established, secure career front.  Lol!  My guess if I'll find out starting mid-March, as the university site says (but I can't but be optimistic that it may happen earlier -- here's to hoping!)

On that latter point, I should say that either way that my life unfolds in September (new career or keep working), a major work-life balance change will be happening. 

If I am in a situation where I have to stay in my current career, then I am seriously scaling back my working hours, to three days a week, or even two, if I am allowed to do it.  We have three young children who are growing up (too) fast, and I simply need to be home more, and to not be stressed and rushed when we're home as a family (and I should probably add, that if my dream comes true, and I am working as an RN one day, all I aspire to work is part-time hours). 

I never claimed to be, nor aspired to be a multi-tasking, uber-organized, type-A stereotypical super woman/mom.  Rather, I am more the laid-back, not too keen on planning, spontaneously enjoying life as it comes-type woman.  And right now, spending so many hours a week commuting and in the office, I am not enjoying life as it comes, and my children and dear husband are not fully enjoying life as it comes, as they could, and should, be.

Here's to positive change!  (Oh yes, and GRATITUDE!!!)  ;-)

Future RN

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the stars

As I was reading the paper recently, my eye caught the horoscope section.  I read it, for once, and it intrigued me.  It was actually "bang-on" -- however, it could apply to just about any day since last October, when I submitted my application to nursing school, to change careers.

"Deep in your heart, there's profound misgiving.  Even deeper in your heart, there's a sense of absolute certainty about the same matter.  You feel torn between an urge to alter everything and a strong yearning to continue exactly as you are.  These contradictory impulses can't both be valid, can they?  In a funny way, they can.  It's right for you to do what you are doing.  It's also right for you to be unsure about it.  Without an awkward inner dilemma, there would be no sensitivity, no sanity and, ultimately, no success."

Here's to sensitivity, sanity and success!!!



Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Golden Handcuffs" no more - a complete change of perspective

I had a "moment" last evening, which really made me realize I've been looking at my career-change situation from the wrong perspective (just to clarify, by 'situation', I refer to the difficulty I'm having letting myself leave a good job, in a career that I've worked hard to be where I currently am, and one that provides good salary, benefits, and is secure, and that has great future potential for climbing the corporate ladder further -- but also one that is making me feel dead inside).  (And I should add, for a so-called "communications professional", who writes a lot for a living, that is a horrid run-on sentence!!!)  :-)

I've refered to this situation as being caught in the "golden handcuffs".  Other times I've lamented that it would be so simple to change careers if it were forced on me, by a layoff, for example.  It is just hard to quit something known and secure.

So last night, I realized that my perspective was all wrong. 

Instead of complaining how hard it is, I need to develop GRATITUDE for the situation.  I need to be GRATEFUL that I have a well-paying, secure, mid-level career job, and one that lets me work with intelligent and friendly colleagues whom I like.  I need to be GRATEFUL to be in a position where I am able to be in charge of my destiny and choices, rather than have them made for me.  I have to be GRATEFUL to be in a financial situation that allows me the priviledge to be able to leave my career to go live my dream and my passion.  I have to be GRATEFUL that I have a husband who understands the value of loving one's career and who is 100,000,000% supportive of my desire to change careers and fulfil my career dream.

That is where I am now at.  I am grateful to be able to undertake this change. 

Extremely grateful.

GRATITUDE is where it is at.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Your file is now complete."

That's today's update on the admission site.  It continues to say that 'evaluation of my file is presently in progress."  I guess the evaluation of my file up to now consisted of assessing that all the required documents were actually there.  Now they have confirmed that they are.  At least I know they're doing something with my file!  :-)

I guess that the admissions officers have now finished the priority admissions, for those who started programs this month (how I wish nursing had a fall and winter admission!), and now they can start to focus on the applicants wishing to start in September 2011. 

Fingers (and toes) crossed for good news in the coming months!

Future Nurse Wannabe.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Many years ago, I was given an excellent book by a career counsellor at work (see, this career change is truly not a spur-of-the-moment, mid-life crisis!).  It is entitled, Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes, by William Bridge (

Very recently, I was reading another book, about transitioning from being a nursing student to a 'real' nurse (yes, I know I'm a bit ahead of myself -- not quite there yet!  Lol!).  In this book, I came across a Bridge quote, which summed up exactly how I am currently feeling about waiting for this career change to begin.

"Bridge (80) recognizes how vulnerable we are during transition, when the past has receded and the future has not yet arrived." 

This EXACTLY summarizes where I'm at right now.  The known career path, the one one I expected to remain (grudingly) on until retirement, is receeding.  I know with certainty that I cannot stay on the path I'm currently on, so the known is receeding, but the future has definitely not yet arrived, in that I have no idea yet if I'm actually really going to be following this nursing career dream.  And I guess what makes it most frustrating at this particular stage, is that there is truly nothing I can do about the future, except wait for others (on the admission committee), to decide it for me.

I must admit, that this "wait to see if I get accepted and then hopefully actually starting school" phase is extremely long, and even somewhat frustrating, and leaves many opportunities for self-doubt about the whole idea to go back to school, start another career from scratch to become a nurse. 

Happy New Year -- here's to sustained optimism, new starts, career passion and good health to all!!!

Onward and upward!