Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Golden Handcuffs" no more - a complete change of perspective

I had a "moment" last evening, which really made me realize I've been looking at my career-change situation from the wrong perspective (just to clarify, by 'situation', I refer to the difficulty I'm having letting myself leave a good job, in a career that I've worked hard to be where I currently am, and one that provides good salary, benefits, and is secure, and that has great future potential for climbing the corporate ladder further -- but also one that is making me feel dead inside).  (And I should add, for a so-called "communications professional", who writes a lot for a living, that is a horrid run-on sentence!!!)  :-)

I've refered to this situation as being caught in the "golden handcuffs".  Other times I've lamented that it would be so simple to change careers if it were forced on me, by a layoff, for example.  It is just hard to quit something known and secure.

So last night, I realized that my perspective was all wrong. 

Instead of complaining how hard it is, I need to develop GRATITUDE for the situation.  I need to be GRATEFUL that I have a well-paying, secure, mid-level career job, and one that lets me work with intelligent and friendly colleagues whom I like.  I need to be GRATEFUL to be in a position where I am able to be in charge of my destiny and choices, rather than have them made for me.  I have to be GRATEFUL to be in a financial situation that allows me the priviledge to be able to leave my career to go live my dream and my passion.  I have to be GRATEFUL that I have a husband who understands the value of loving one's career and who is 100,000,000% supportive of my desire to change careers and fulfil my career dream.

That is where I am now at.  I am grateful to be able to undertake this change. 

Extremely grateful.

GRATITUDE is where it is at.

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