Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the stars

As I was reading the paper recently, my eye caught the horoscope section.  I read it, for once, and it intrigued me.  It was actually "bang-on" -- however, it could apply to just about any day since last October, when I submitted my application to nursing school, to change careers.

"Deep in your heart, there's profound misgiving.  Even deeper in your heart, there's a sense of absolute certainty about the same matter.  You feel torn between an urge to alter everything and a strong yearning to continue exactly as you are.  These contradictory impulses can't both be valid, can they?  In a funny way, they can.  It's right for you to do what you are doing.  It's also right for you to be unsure about it.  Without an awkward inner dilemma, there would be no sensitivity, no sanity and, ultimately, no success."

Here's to sensitivity, sanity and success!!!



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