Monday, June 25, 2012

Thai Health Promotion Foundation- Smoking Kid

From a public health communications perspective, this approach to help people quit smoking is brilliant!!! Simply brilliant.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last day in my current career

Today will officially be my last day in my communications career that I have worked at since the late 1990s.  I imagine I will always be doing communications work in some capacity, most probably medical communications, as I do love to write, plan and, simply, communicate!  However, today is the official end of my current career.

That seems quite surreal to write.  Despite the fact that I am thoroughly convinced that this is the right move to make, being fully aware of the reality that 'this is the last day' gives me mixed feelings.  I have been extremely lucky and blessed in my work all these years.  I've had the opportunity to work for the UN -- I've represented Canada at the UN in Geneva, NYC and New Delhi, and have worked at the Canadian Embassy in Paris.  I've travelled on my coveted red, diplomatic passport, now safely tucked into a memory box for safe-keeping.  It's been quite a ride...and I am so extremely grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I've had, and all the incredible people I've met along the way, who have helped me and encouraged me in my career.

However, the pull of the medical field as my calling, my vocation, has not diminished over the years, as I'd hoped it would as I settled into a communications career in the field of international diplomacy.  Then came a family, and the pull towards a more balanced home-work career also appeared.  What I ultimately need to do, is see and feel that my daily work actually has some tangible meaning, in a helpful way, to someone.  I need to work in the medical field.  And I must admit, I've already found the perfect job for me that I will be working towards -- my new long-term goal -- is being a nurse with the UN in Geneva.  That is simply THE perfect job for me.  So, soon-to-be former colleagues, our professional paths may yet cross, but in a somewhat different capacity! 

It has not been an easy decision to make, and I didn't make it lightly.  I truly believe this is the right decision to make at this stage in my life, and that it will all work out great.

But now it is simply time to move on.  Here's to harmony, and happiness!

"What is happiness except the simple harmony between a person and the life they lead."
                                                                                            -- Albert Camus

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Post Op +2

Second full day post dental surgery.  The procedure itself was actually OK.  The dental surgeon and her assistant were very gentle and kind, and answered all my last minute questions and explained things thoroughly.  Even though I probably had about 15 stitches in two parts of my mouth, I left the clinic thinking that wasn't actually so bad!!!

I came home, rested, slept, rested some more and started getting hungry. 

And then, the freezing started to wear off.  As more and more feeling returned, the worse it got, and the hungrier I got.

So I'm not here to complain, and many people have much worse procedures done every day.  But what I wanted to say was that I see this as a good learning experience for my future career.  I've been extremely lucky and blessed, having had no first-hand experiences with medical procedures.  Childbirth three times, a miscarriage, and my wisdom teeth removed and this gum graft, are about the extent of my medical history. 

This experience made me appreciate just how sore and awful a person can feel, after even a smaller surgery.  I'll remember this feeling as I venture into my career, and keep it with me when I'm dealing with post-op patients.  Even a little bit of understanding and insight can go a long way in terms of compassion.

Now if I could just start eating regular food again....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dental Surgery Tomorrow

UGH!!!!!  I am so dreading tomorrow. A gum graft awaits.  I've never had anything more complicated done than a few tiny fillings.

I think I will make an excellent nurse, but I don't make for a good patient.

Add to that the fact that I know for certain I will never be a nurse working with or specializing in either teeth or eyes (problems with either of those body areas completely turns my stomach!).

Furthermore, having successfully completed my clinical microbiology course last term, I now know just how filthy a place the human mouth is.

All that together really, truly makes me dread tomorrow morning.