Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

This is the year. This is the semester. Only 11 weeks and 2 days to go, and my goal is achieved.

I just came across this photo below, and that pretty much sums up my goals for this year...perhaps with the exception of grad school. That can wait a year or two. I am, however, already signed up for an Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course and some other things. It will truly be 'life long' learning for this nurse. Number 4 is important, always! Lol.



  1. I've just recently found your blog and I've been eagerly reading it over the last month or so! I'm doing a similar thing - though here in Australia I've signed up for a Diploma of Nursing (18 month full time course) as opposed to the degree course. If I do OK in the diploma I'll keep going though. Thanks so much for all the time and useful info you've put into this - I've found it so interesting, really funny at times and always worth a read. Please please keep updating if you have time!!!

  2. Dear Jen, Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind words! That means so much to me. I`m thrilled for you that you are on the nursing path -- best of luck and enjoy it (even though some days may seem dreadfully long and difficult). It is an adventure like no other. Take care, Kate

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  4. P.S. Jen - I just clicked on your link, and read your bio blurb -- you were a Public Servant too before nursing school! What a small world it truly is. Are you blogging about your journey? If you have any questions or want a word of encouragement from frozen Canada, you can drop me a note at (minus the + signs) Cheers!

  5. Thanks for your reply Kate! I did consider blogging but I am honestly not sure I will have the time. I'm still going to be at work 3 days a week then at school 2 days a week so that doesn't leave much time over when you have 3 kids at home :) I really admire how you seem to have managed to fit everything in but I think you are probably a bit more organised than me. Good luck with your final semester and I can't wait to see what happens afterwards!