Monday, December 12, 2011

Almost there...

Poor, lonely, neglected blog. At least it doesn't give me the pitiful looks our dog gives me, who is also feeling somewhat lonely and neglected these days (although she got two walks yesterday, so that was a very good day!  It is OK to procrastinate studying if one is exercising, right???)

The end of the first term of nursing school is in sight.  Exams finish on Friday.  I just have to keep going for a few more days.

The croup my youngest started on Wednesday night turned into a full-blown chest/sinus infection by Friday.  It never ceases to amaze me how illnesses in kids always seem to get worse at night, either the fever spikes, or the coughing fits are relentless.  We had four almost completely sleepless nights, my little one and I.  Last night was much better, though, so things are on the mend.  Now I just have to stay healthy (cough, cough)...

Only 4 more days to go.

Unbelievable.  :-)

Back to the books now.

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