Friday, December 2, 2011

Classes ending

So the first term of nursing school is slowly winding down.  Seven more to go!  Two classes finished yesterday, and anatomy and physiology still left to finish. Then I'll have just over a week off, to prepare for final exams. 

I must admit, that the past few months have felt very long, in terms of how much work I've been doing and in all the new experiences and life changes involved in leaving a career/workforce and being a student again, yet in hindsight, the time has truly flow by.

My second round of "midterm" exams went exceedingly well.  I am very pleased to see that my brain is not only still working very well in the world of academia (at other times it is questionable!), and that I am maintaining an A+ average, something that didn't happen in my science degree, the first time 'round at university. 

A friend recently told me of a study (I have no idea which one, have no idea if it is 'valid', but for once, I don't care), saying that "they" discovered that the human brain tends to peak at age 45 for academic success.  I'm not there yet, I'll even be done school before then, but it's a nice feeling to know that I am still on the upswing of academic brain power!  LOL!!!

While it is a great feeling achieving results like these, it does add extra pressure to maintaing these marks during final exams.  On the flip side, I am already in the program, and just passing the courses is all that is really required.  That, however, is not me.  I may not always get A+, and that's OK, but I do need to feel that I tried and did my best. 

It is just hitting me, exactly how much studying (or more precisely, memorizing), will be involved for these finals.  Ouf!!!

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