Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nervous Nelly

My better-half actually called me this name a couple days ago.

And he was absolutely right.

(And no, "Nelly" is not my name!)  :-)

When did this happen to me?  How did this happen?  Why do I find myself worrying about and doubting things now, much more than I used to?  Is it age-related?  Did it start when I became a Mom, holding my newborn safely in my arms, and realizing how scary the world can be for my little nursling?  Is it a mindset that has become a habit?

Whatever the reason, I really don't like being this way.

A couple days ago at work, I was "worrying" out loud while chatting with a colleague, about whether or not I'd be the only one in class probably not using a laptop to take class notes with.  She's one of our younger colleagues, and is currently taking some courses at univeristy (so she's really in the know!!!)

I have a laptop, and I'll bring it with me and try it for note-taking, but I have a great self-made shorthand I honed when taking notes for my previous degrees.  So even though I can type fast, frankly, it will probably be easier for me to just write down my notes using the old-fashioned "pen and paper" method.

We had a great chat, and she told me that she uses pen and paper to take notes too.  She's in the generation that I am sure grew up 'digital', but writing is her preference.

I guess I'm already really self-conscious (in advance of classes even starting!), of not being a traditional student, and not really fitting-in.  But will something relatively insignificant like using a pen and paper to take notes really make a difference, either way, of fitting better or not?  I'm not so sure that would really make any difference.

Good attitude, friendliness and a smile will probably go a lot further.

It made me realize that I really need to stop worrying about these little things, and....
..................JUST BE MYSELF. 

Easier said than done, but as they say, realizing and admitting something is a big step in getting over it.


  1. I also prefer the "pen and paper" method although, like you, can type fast and use a laptop. I've befriended some second year nursing students (half my age) and are having them over for lunch in a couple of days. They're away from home, and I've decided to be "family" to them. When i was in university 15+ years ago, i remember some families who took me in as well. It's my turn to do that for these "kids". I will take their advice on how they managed their first year in nursing school, while they can enjoy the feeling that they have "family" to spend some of their free time with. :) This is my way of being myself. Thanks for the advice.

  2. That's a great idea about deciding to be "family" to some of the younger students. I also remember having families take me under their wing periodically when I was initially in school, away from home. It felt great.

    You have just inspired me to try to do the same thing.

    Brilliant idea. :-)