Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some good questions to ask yourself

It seems that in my recent browsings on the Net, I've come across a number of interesting pieces and sites about career change, and that friends have been sending me interesting articles as well.

My latest find is an article from the Oprah site.  While I have never really been on the Oprah bandwagon, I certainly readily admit that she has done amazing work in having people "wake up" to living their lives mindfully and helping inspire people (as well as giving practical advice how) to make the decision to live their lives to the fullest, best, most content level possible. Her web site is an excellent resource for articles and interviews on these themes, and clearly, many, many more. 

The link and credit to the full article is here: (drives me crazy that the articles are never available on a single page)

However, the main premise of the article is to ask yourself five key questions about the direction, state and environment of your job/career, and to use the answers as the basis of your thinking about future plans, goals and objectives.

The five key questions are:

Question 1Does this job allow me to work with "my people"—individuals who share my sensibilities about life—or do I have to put on a persona to get through the day?

Question 2
Does this job challenge, stretch, change, and otherwise make me smarter—or does it leave my brain in neutral?

Question 3Does this job, because of the company's "brand" or my level of responsibility, open the door to future jobs?

Question 4Does this job represent a considerable compromise for the sake of my family and if so, do I sincerely accept that deal with all of its consequences?

Question 5
Does this job—the stuff I actually do day-to-day—touch my heart and feed my soul in meaningful ways?

So I'm just putting this out there, as I think they are strong and valid questions to ask oneself, regardless if a career change is brewing on the horizon or not.  "Job" could be any situation you find yourself in, from present career situation to volunteer work.


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