Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waiting & fighting a cold bug

Not much to report, on either the university admissions front, or the agonizing over leaving my established, secure career front.  Lol!  My guess if I'll find out starting mid-March, as the university site says (but I can't but be optimistic that it may happen earlier -- here's to hoping!)

On that latter point, I should say that either way that my life unfolds in September (new career or keep working), a major work-life balance change will be happening. 

If I am in a situation where I have to stay in my current career, then I am seriously scaling back my working hours, to three days a week, or even two, if I am allowed to do it.  We have three young children who are growing up (too) fast, and I simply need to be home more, and to not be stressed and rushed when we're home as a family (and I should probably add, that if my dream comes true, and I am working as an RN one day, all I aspire to work is part-time hours). 

I never claimed to be, nor aspired to be a multi-tasking, uber-organized, type-A stereotypical super woman/mom.  Rather, I am more the laid-back, not too keen on planning, spontaneously enjoying life as it comes-type woman.  And right now, spending so many hours a week commuting and in the office, I am not enjoying life as it comes, and my children and dear husband are not fully enjoying life as it comes, as they could, and should, be.

Here's to positive change!  (Oh yes, and GRATITUDE!!!)  ;-)

Future RN

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