Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Whisper Test

Yesterday we had our second of three clinical rotations for school nursing.  The second session was much easier than the first session.  Yesterday, "our" kids already knew us a bit, and felt comfortable with us.  Their teacher told us the kids were very, very excited to have their nurses coming back.

The goal of the school nursing experience is to do a well-child assessment, based roughly on the Rourke Baby Record Assessment grid.  It was quite the event, trying to glean info about our child, mostly through play! 

As part of the assessment, we had to evaluate their hearing.  Of the two tests we were to perform, one was the "whisper test".  As the name implies, it is a simple test of auditory acuity done by whispering.

I whispered to my child, in the very noise classroom, asking, "Can you hear me if I whisper?"  The child nodded vigorously, affirming that my whisper had been heard correctly.

Then I told my child, "You can whisper something to me too, to see if I can hear it."

My child thought for a bit, then with a shy smile whispered back to me, "I love you."

Yes, I'm so loving being a student nurse.  Being a nurse is THE career I was meant to do.

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