Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second round of mid-terms over!

Whew.  That was an intense, brain-straining marathon. Another 3 exams over.  My dear husband is a very patient man, and lived through the week with grace and bringing home take-out dinners a couple nights. It is somewhat odd, as I mentioned in my previous post, to be having another set of 'mid-term' exams near the end of the term.  We will have two more weeks of classes, and then we have finals.  And one term will be done!

The anatomy/physiology exam went excellent, if I can say so myself.  It was one of those awesome exams when it all comes together, and you clearly know the correct answer to the multiple choice questions, and some of the options given seem ridiculous.  So that one went very well (I hope!).  The other two exams were back-to-back.  I finished writing the first one in about an hour, so I had about an hour before the second one started.  I think they went OK, but I didn't have that awesome feeling leaving the exam room. 

During the third exam (psychology), as I was diligently filling out the little circles on the scan sheet, I kept telling myself that every little circle I colour in, I am one coloured circle closer to being a nurse -- I just have to get through the exam.  It is an interesting course, but I must admit, I see little relevance between the course content and being a nurse.  Perhaps the link will become more obvious during clinicals or when I'm actually working as a nurse, but for now it seems like a 'filler' course in the nursing program.  But like I said, it is interesting and I'm mostly enjoying it, but there just seems to be little relevance to my end goal in its content.

Now to just re-group my focus and energy on the homestretch.  Oh, and maybe tidy up the house a little and even have some fun!!!  :-)

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