Friday, November 11, 2011

Post-vacation bliss is over...

...and has been replaced with yet another round of chest coughs and sore throats (times 3 members in the family, including yours truly).  Why is it in the past year I've picked up seemingly every virus and germ that has even remotely looked my way.  This is not good -- how do I expect to function as a nurse, working with SICK people, when these days I seem to succumb every few weeks to a new virus???

Next week has another round of exams in store -- 3 exams to be precise -- including two exams on Thursday, back to back. 

The kids seems to have picked up a new hobby...bickering amongst themselves constantly, that is, when they are not interrupting a studying mom every two minutes.  And don't even get me started on what the house looks like.  I'll rather just close my eyes to the mess right now.  The stress of it all is getting to me, greatly exacerbated by the fact that sleep has become, yet again, a seemingly elusive commodity.

Why I am doing this?

Right now, honestly, I'm not sure.

I've signed up for a volunteer info night at a local hospital, to have some contact with the medical setting.  Perhaps that will make this year's experience feel more 'real', that I'm actually in nursing school, and not just in classes.  There are no clinicals in the first year of the program, so perhaps getting myself in a medical setting is what I need, to remind me how much I loved being in that as to stick out the next few years in the program.

Time to take littlest one for her swimming lesson, and then scoot over to the school for their Rememberance Day ceremony. 

Thank you, Canadian and other Soldiers, past, present and future.

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