Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend breather

I had forgotten how intense writing exams is.  The focused concentration for 90 minutes is extreme, and then when the paper is handed in, there is such a flood of relief and relaxation in your body, that one seems completely unable to concentrate on anything else in the immediate future. That's how last Friday afternoon felt, when my first set of midterm exams was over. 

The past weekend was great, and I didn't touch my books.

Today classes resumed, and I am feeling good both about the midterms being done, and about the next batch of learning that is beginning. 

We have a new prof in my physiology course, who is exponentially more intense than the previous prof.  Not that there was anything wrong with the other guy, he was very good and I enjoyed the lectures.  But today's new prof is dynamic, clearly l-o-v-e-s the material and simply exudes passion for the topic.  AND she managed to cover an entire chapter during one 90-minute lecture.  (which may not seem as much to some, but perhaps a quick peek at a physiology textbook will explain why this is a TON of material...and it all has to be memorized!)

I felt so great at the end of today's lecture, given how intense and interesting it was.  I went home and straight to the books, to re-learn, re-inforce and start memorizing the details of the chapter.  In my past  university experiences, it is with profs like this one that it is imperative you stay on top of the material.  Catching up later is possible, but very, very difficult.

I'm starting to prep for my other lectures this week too, so it is all good.  I am happy.

As far as results go, I've heard back from two of the three exams.  So far I've gotten an A+ and an A.  The latter result was on the exam I studied the least for, so hopefully that will be the lowest mark of the bunch.  Like I said, I am happy.  I am satisfied.  I am learning much.  Things are going well.

Oh, and I should mention, that the S&V studying snack food has been replaced with air-popped popcorn....a much, MUCH healthier alternative!!!  Lol!

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