Thursday, October 13, 2011


...while snacking on my beloved "S&V" (aka salt and vinegar) chips and drinking ginger tea.  Hmmm, not exactly a healthy habit.  (I guess the ginger tea would be considered OK!)  S&V chips are my main junk food addiction (I don't have a sweet tooth, but make up for not eating sweet junk food by eating salty junk food!) Funny how some habits re-surface years later.  I always used to snack while I studied, mostly chips or salted sunflower seeds.  Now it just seems to be chips.  Probably time to nip this bad habit in the bud, as I want to stay fit and healthy!!!

This morning's exam was OK.  I think I did well, but it wasn't that really good feeling like last week, when I know I did well (or at least I think I did, as I am still waiting for the results!).  I am not at all worried about not having passed the exam, but it is a question of whether it will be a high A or a lower A.  I really didn't know what to expect from today's exam, as there were no sample questions given out, and the course material was rather general.  I will know for next time to memorize all the details in the textbook.

Now I am studying for tomorrow's physiology exam.  I have mixed feelings about it -- I've done all the sample and practice exams and quizzes on the on-line version of the textbook, and gotten mostly 100% on all of them, so that is definitely encouraging and confidence-building, but, always a but, that doesn't mean the exam will go that well. 

We shall see tomorrow -- in the meantime I review as much as I possibly can, and eat more chips!!!  (I think the dog will get an extra walk today, and I may even visit my old friend the treadmill in the basement, for a quick run...or I could just put the chip bag away...)

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