Friday, May 10, 2013

Some fun for Friday

I'm sharing a link with you today -- a link I go to every few days, to see if there's an update.

These are great for a nursing-related laugh!!!



  1. Hey there, Just wanted to say Hi, I am in nursing school as well after being a computer programmer for years and years. My program is 14 months second BSN, I am done after this summer. You are doing a 4 year program? Is it your second undergrad degree? Best of luck, thanks for the link, super funny!

  2. Hi Stacy!!! Thanks for your comment and so sorry that I've been MIA lately. Way to go with your career change! Are you loving it too? I thought about the accelerated program (I have a BSc and MA), but in the end opted for the regular 4 year program. My two goals were to become a nurse, but also to have a more balanced life that involved our kids more...and the accelerated program didn't afford that. This way, I got to be a part-time student for the first two years, and was able to volunteer in my kids' classrooms, go on field trips, be their Sparks and Brownie leader, etc. etc. Although now, I do kinda wish I was close to finishing, but I wouldn't trade the family experiences of the past two years for anything!

    Do you have a blog too?

    Take care and best of luck. Kate :)