Saturday, November 2, 2013

L&D Clinical Rotation Starts Today!!!!!!!!!

Today will be my first shift in Labour & Delivery.  At the same hospital where I gave birth to all my children, and the same hospital where I let nursing students examine me as part of their post-partum assessment skills. 

Its the same hospital where I told the clinical instructor, that I so wished I could switch careers and go to nursing school.  She didn't hesitate when encouraging me to do so.  And here I am, today, at that very same nursing school, being the nursing student, and not the new mom. 

I have so long dreamed of being a nurse, and for the past decade or so, its specifically been a L&D nurse I've dreamed of being.

Today, it feels like its come full-circle, and I get to start my training as a L&D nurse.  Pediatrics still has an extremely strong grasp on me, and I know I need to work in that specialization, but I know I'll also love L&D with my whole heart too. 

I'll need to find a way to combine the two areas.  I'll work on that later.

Today, I'm going to Labour & Delivery, and I'm not having contractions!!!  ;-)

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be living this dream.



  1. Hello there. I found your blog when I was googling for "mid term career change to nursing". Just wanted to say that its heartening to know that you've not regretted making this choice you did 2 years back. :) I actually got an offer into Nursing school a few years back but I rejected it because I was so scared that I wouldn't make it/I might kill someone with my careless mistakes. But now, that decision haunts me every single day. I've been working for 2 years now (in a completely different field) and I can't say that I'm happy with what I'm doing. I'm still thinking if I'm suited to be a nurse... as much as I'm really interested in all things medical, its really scary to go all in.

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment! :-) I can honestly say, the only regret I have is that it took me this long to make the career change into nursing. Yes, change is scary, and as you pointed out, nursing can be very scary too. Mistakes can truly make a life or death difference -- that terrifies me too. I also think that's a 'normal' reaction to potentially making mistakes. In fact, I think I'd be worried if I wasn't afraid of making a mistake! Lol!

      It sounds like the medical field might well be your career passion. I tried to ignore that medical calling for years and focus on my first career, but it just wouldn't go away.

      I've never felt more authentic and truly being myself when I'm working a clinical shift, especially L&D. It is an incredible feeling. The hardest part really was making the decision to go all in. A person I respect very much told me, 'You know, you won't regret doing this...but you may regret not doing so.' That's so true.

      Best of luck! Keep me posted! :-)