Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Research Paper...

So a grey and rainy Hallowe'en Day finds me slogging away at yet another research paper.  This is my fourth so-called "scholarly" paper thus far in nursing school.  I imagine there will be at least a couple more to go, in the coming three semesters.  Bleah.

Its funny, this is one aspect that didn't even cross my mind when thinking about nursing school.  Rather, nursing school was all about anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and clinical rotations.  And I find myself writing scholarly prose about "delegation" -- fully referenced, of course. 

I get the importance of having nurses how are critical thinkers, who are aware of and able to analyze and discuss ethical issues.  I truly get it.  It is important, and I actually enjoy learning about it.  The writing of research papers, well, there's not so much enjoyment there, to say the least.

I've already earned a Master of Arts degree.  I've done a MA thesis.  I think I've proven myself that I can write and research academic papers.  My first career specialized in communications.  I wrote many, many press releases, backgrounders and statements for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a few even for our Prime Minister.  Yes, I can write -- that's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Yet here I am, seemingly in a time-warp back in time, researching and writing a Bachelor's level research paper.  If I had to list a few negatives about being a 'mature student' or 'second career student' -- this would rank high on that list.

But I've never taken 'ethics in nursing' courses before, and writing these papers is part of the requirements.  Even with my previous education and experience, I can't see how they'd credit me by exempting the research papers.  That's just not how it works.  I get it.  That's OK.  It just doesn't make the task of actually writing the papers any easier or enjoyable.

Time to get back to my draft.  Its good to vent sometimes.  I'll probably be checking back in with another research paper-related vent next semester.

On a totally different (read: positive!) note -- my Labour & Delivery clinical rotation begins this weekend!!!!  That still feels completely surreal.  I am so excited about that.  This is truly a dream come true.  L&D was "the" specialty that tugged at me the most, in all those years trying to gather up the guts to quit my first career and launch into nursing.  Now, pediatrics seems to have me under its spell, but I'll wait and see what L&D is truly like.  If I could just somehow combine the two areas in my future work as a nurse...

Now, just a completed draft research paper standing between me and my dream clinical rotation!!! (That's a self-imposed deadline -- gotta try to motivate myself any way I can to get through the less appealing bits!)

Keep smiling!!!


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