Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 more pediatric shifts

A well-deserved break is almost upon us, and it is desperately needed.  I'd mentioned before how much I had been dreading third year of nursing school, and now I'm in the thick of things.  I must admit, however, that all in all, its not quite as difficult as I'd anticipated (it never usually is!)

It is so busy -- there is always something to hand in, to prepare for or to be tested on.  That part is relentless, and we have to be vigilant and help each other remember all the details.  But it's certainly doable.  And the amount I've learned is staggering -- particularly during the clinical shifts.

Here in Canada we have our Thanksgiving weekend in October, so that is the reason for the little break ahead of us.  And combined with that long weekend, we also have two days of no classes.  So its just clinical shifts for the next week.  Oh, plus a ton of studying for the final pediatrics exam that is looming on the horizon...

I am so looking forward to having a bit of downtime to have time to play with my kids, enjoy cooking meals (instead of just getting them ready asap!) and hopefully getting outside a bit too into nature.  The fall colours are hitting their prime, and the weather forecast is simply beautiful for the coming long weekend.  We've gotta get out there and enjoy the moment.  Winter is just around the corner...

My pediatric care plan is finished -- that is due this afternoon.  I will re-read it and tweak it a bit more this morning, and go for a run.  I have three shifts in the next four days, so running is helping keep my sanity.  When you find something that works, use it!  :-)

I want to write more about the clinical rotations, but that will have to wait until next time.  They've been such interesting experiences, and my patients at the children's hospital have ranged from 21 days to 17 years, from failure-to-thrive to a skull fracture.  There's never a dull moment.  Sometimes I wonder how I'll ever learn everything I need to in the next 18 months -- there's just so much to learn.  But that will all come over time, I am certain. 

I honestly don't want this clinical rotation to end -- I don't want to leave pediatrics -- I've found my nursing niche. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!  I am so blessed in so many ways, and so very grateful for everything.

Future-nurse Kate

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