Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sim Lab

We had our first real simulation lab experience yesterday, with a baby Sim named Emma.

She was breathing, had O2 sats, respirations, had a post-op club foot, and even cried.  It was almost eerie how real she was, yet so obviously made from plastic. 

In next week's lab we'll be video taped as we do our assessments and care, and then we get to watch it and analyze it.  Oh yay.  I can "hardly" wait to see that video...sigh...

I remember once in my first career when I was video taped, in a media course.  In was a course in how to handle the media (like that's possible!).  The trainers set up a fake scrum situation, and we were in the middle of a throng of reporters fielding questions.

I handled the media part way better than I expected -- in fact I thought I looked very professional and calm and in control -- which was the opposite of how I was feeling inside.  So that was reassuring and has transposed to other situations in my career. 

But, the one thing that stood out in that media training video was my need for a new hairstyle -- or simply a hairstyle!  I remember calling my hubby and saying I was going to be later coming home that night, because I was stopping at the hairdressers for a haircut!  It's funny the things one learns from video...sometimes totally unrelated to the topic at hand.

And I should add, then next time I had a training session with a video component, I made sure to put on my best power suit, take time with my hair and do good make up.  And I looked great on that video (if I can say so myself!).

In next week's video, it'll be back to make up, scrubs and hair pulled back in a ponytail.  I'll have to do extra well on my nursing skills to try and overlook how I actually look!

Life goes on.  It'll be fine.  And can I repeat once again, how much I love being in nursing school and launching a new career?!?!?  :-)

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