Monday, September 30, 2013

Mid-term happy dance!!!

So after reading about 400 pages of pediatric textbook over the weekend, listening to recorded lectures and reviewing slides.....I managed to retain enough info to score an 88% on my pediatric midterm. 

We had one quiz to do in peds, which focused on the topics covered in today's exam.  It was a good review, of sorts.  I scored an 88% on that 'preview/review' quiz too -- apparently my learning is very consistent!  Lol.  I like consistent, especially with it involves good results. 

Wahoo!!!  The old brain still works!!!

What a relief.  These "pick the most appropriate answer" questions are going to be OK.  I really didn't know what to think of them initially, but I seem to be "getting" them just fine.

What a relief.  A huge, blessed relief.  Big sigh.

Now I can turn to the other 15 nursing school items/deadlines breathing down my

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