Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting into a groove (finally!)

I've dreaded third year of nursing school, loooong before I even applied to nursing school.  Seriously.

When researching (dreaming!) about doing the nursing program, I thoroughly checked out the university's website that gave all the information about the nursing program - year by year.

And third year looked simply horrific.  Lots of clinical shifts, labs, classes, tutorials and small group work.  And all at once.  Oh yeah -- not to mention actually studying and reading and doing assignments and scholarly papers and care plans and preparing drug cards.  I'm sure I'm missing stuff. 

Well, guess what.  My take on third year was not exaggerated.  It is horrific, in terms of workload and pace the classes go at.  However, it is also the most exciting and thrilling year of university I've ever done (and I've done a "few" years (and degrees) already, before nursing school!).

But to be honest, it is almost overwhelming.  Factor in the kids' homework and activities, and the day to day business of having a household to look after, and add in some early head cold viruses that are making the rounds in my family, and yes, it feels almost overwhelming.

In a small group yesterday, I mentioned that its only been two weeks of classes, but it truly feels like two months have elapsed.  My prof really seemed to like/agree with that statement, and she brought it up in the larger class discussion today during our peds lecture -- in a little speech of encouragement.

Its important to try to focus on the day-to-day work, and the week ahead.  If I do that, then I feel like I can actually get through this year.  Clearly, many others have gotten through, so obviously I can too.  Its just a question of getting the work done, and not looking too far ahead. 

I'm finally starting to feel almost normal again, after a horrible head cold.  Saturday was a complete write-off in terms of getting my work done -- zero energy, chills, sore throat, ear and head.  Now its spread to my kids, but at least I seem to be getting my groove back.

Yes, its taken two weeks, but I'm FINALLY starting to feel like I've got my feet under me again, and settling into a good school groove...even if it third year.  They tell us that third is THE toughest year.  Fourth year is somehow easier.  I guess that we'll have all the clinical experiences from this year to help bolster our confidence and make fourth year a bit better.  There'll be less classes and different clinicals too, as we focus on our consolidation/specialization.

OK, Kate, pull yourself back to third year.  I have to get through third year before I can think about fourth (and final!) year.

We'll get through this. 

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