Thursday, September 5, 2013

First lab day - year 3

Oh. My. Goodness.

I simply cannot believe how much I've forgotten over the summer. 

Yesterday we were informed that we had to read about 200 pages to prep for today's lab.  I got through most of them, but do admit to skimming the last 50 or so.  We reviewed in class the various types of injections, and head-to-toe assessments.

Then we had to write a brief nursing narrative of a particular case.  Do you think any of the appropriate terminology was coming to mind as I stared at the blank sheet of paper???  In April, a mere few months ago, I was starting to feel I actually sounded a bit like a medical professional.  Today, nil.  Nothing.  Hopefully that will come back quickly.  I felt like I was a 5 year old writing a nursing note.  How embarrassing! 

We use mannequins ("dummies"!) in the lab, and they are so realistic, I can hardly believe it.  They have a pulse, we can take their BP, we can listen to their breathing and various breath sounds and crackles and the like.

At one point today, I was listening to the heart of a simulation baby.  I have 3 kids, and have listened to their hearts even as babies.  A lot.  Yes, I had a stethoscope for many (many!) years before finally getting my courage up and going to nursing school.  So all that to say, I have listened to many baby hearts.

Today in lab, when I was listening to the sim baby, had my eyes been closed and I didn't know it was a sim dummy, I would have sworn it was a real heart I was listening to.  It was incredible.

We were told they also have a circulatory system on one side where we can practice inserting IVs....that is on tomorrow morning's agenda. 

It is still very overwhelming in figuring out due dates for quizzes and assignments, and doing the readings.  However, I am beyond thrilled to be in third year nursing school.

Our clinical rotations start next week, and I'm assigned to a floor where 0-4 year olds are looked after.  I got the "baby" floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then for the next clinical rotation I got placed on the L&D floor that I have long dreamed to working on.  Seriously, how did I get this lucky???

Back to my reading and preparation for tomorrow morning.  It's only been 2 days, but I cannot wait for the weekend to catch up on everything.

Yes, they warned us this would be an intense year.  They were not exaggerating.  Lol!

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