Thursday, March 24, 2011

Very special card

I have been in somewhat of a daze recently, regarding my admission into the nursing program.  It is quite something to wrap one's head around a dream starting to be realized -- a dream that has been a lifetime in the making (but more on that later!).  I'm thinking I'll probably appreciate being a nurse much more doing it as a second career, than I may have ever appreciated it had I gone directly to nursing school from high school (but more on that later too!!!)

Earlier, I had mention that my beautiful daughter Bec had spontaneously made me a congratulatory card the day I received my acceptance to nursing school. 

Here are photos of that card -- in case it is hard to see (the front page is OK, I think), but it shows a picture of me as a nurse (nursing cap and all -- LOL! -- won't be wearing that!!!).  On the inside she wrote, "Yer in nersing school now. Good job Mommy!" and "We all leve you very much but we might miss you, Sweet Roses".  I asked her why they might miss me, given that they'll see more of me when I start 'nersing' school compared to my working full-time and having a long commute.  She explained that they'll miss me when I have a night shift.  Awwww.  And as for the 'Sweet Roses', that is her new nickname for me.  I love it!!!  And her picture on the inside show my new work clothes (including scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope, gloves and comfortable shoes -- that last item alone is worth switching careers for!)  Lol!

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