Monday, March 14, 2011

Scrubs Cake!

Well, the news is sinking in that I have been accepted into the nursing program, and that this dream is really coming true.  I guess it is a combination of being thrilled and terrified.  The thrilled part is easy to explain -- dream coming true.  The 'terrified' part is more complicated -- it is the reality that I am leaving my tried, tested and known job and career, the reality that I am going back to being a full-time student (will my brain still be able to learn so much at this point in my life?) and the unknown of discovering a new career field with a new network to be made, new skills to be learned, new shifts to be experienced, basically new everything.

I am so incredibly grateful to be able to make this change at this point in my life.  As my dear hubby said, when I was fretting about all the upcoming changes, "You've been given this great opportunity.  Stop worrying, grab it and run with it."  Amen.  Words to live by.  So simple.  I love simple rather than complicated.  Simple is good!  :-)

Dear hubby popped a bottle of champage the evening of my acceptance, once the kiddies were all in bed, to celebrate.  He made mine into a 'kir royale' -- champagne mixed with cassis -- it is a divine drink that I love.  Also on Thursday, my sweet daughter "Becs" made me a congratulatory card, all on her own initiative (I'll post a photo of it here soon)  My dear son "M" hugged me and jumped for joy when I told him the news, and said, "Oh Mommy, I'm so happy for your."  My beloved littlest one, "Sunbeam", who doesn't quite understand it yet, started calling me 'nurse', saying, "I can tell everyone now that my mommy is a nurse."  Not yet, but she knows there is a shift towards nursing in mommy's life.

On Saturday evening, the family surprised me with my 'scrub cake' -- who knew such cake decorating talent lives in our house???

I am so lucky, blessed and grateful.  So grateful and happy.

Future RN

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