Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's your medical specialty?

So here is a neat little quiz, aimed at determining your best-suited medical specialty.  It was designed by the University of Virginia Medical School, and is primarily aimed at medical students.  However, I think it is equally applicable for nursing students, in helping choose an area of specialization.

The quiz consists of 130 questions, but they are simple and it goes fast.  It is based upon your personality, on traits as how much you value independence in your work, dislike routine work, how much you value time off, how much you enjoy learning new things, how quickly you like to see results, etc. etc.

And I should say it is quite accurate, as the results to the test indicated that my "top three" medical specialities are exactly the top three I am most interested in, namely obstetrics (specifically 'Labour and Delivery', in my case), pediatrics and emergency.

Here's the link to the quiz:


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