Friday, January 18, 2013

How could this happen?

Having spent several years of my life in France, both as part of my childhood and adulthood, France had a significant impact on me...both good and not so good!  (The latter having to do mostly with Parisian driving skills...but I digress...)  I have European citizenship, so have plans and dreams to work in Europe as a nurse one day, when the kids get a bit older.  But back to my Canadian reality for now!!!

Because of my love of France and most things French, I still tend to follow the news in France.  This headline appeared recently, which I find astounding.

The article talks about a 56 year old patient in a French hospital, just outside of Paris.  He went to the washroom and he died on the toilet. 

He wasn't an in-patient, but an appointment at the hospital to have a chest x-ray done, as he had been complaining of chest pains for the past few days.  He went to use the washroom (presumably in the radiology waiting room), where he suffered a cardiac aneurysm.

I can understand that people don't always show up for their outpatient appointments.  Or they show up but for whatever reason decide to leave and not stay to wait for the appointment.  So I can understand the radiology staff at the front desk not being overly concerned that he didn't have his x-ray taken.

There's the hygiene issue that is the most surprising -- would no cleaning staff have entered the washroom in 36 hours, in a hospital???

Poor guy.  What a way to go. 

I hope the hospital is revisiting their policies...


Villeneuve-Saint-Georges : mort et oublié dans les toilettes de l’hôpital

Jean-Marcel, 56 ans, victime d’un malaise dans les WC de l’hôpital de Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, a été retrouvé 36 heures après son décès. « Insupportable », dénonce sa sœur.

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