Friday, January 25, 2013

Busy days!

I knew this term would be much busier than previous terms, but I hadn't realized just how much busier it would be.  Busy, but very interesting! 

It is a different kind of busy compared to the first three terms.  For those terms, it was busy as in so much time was spent staring at textbooks, memorizing minute details of physiology, anatomy and microbiology.

This term seems to be more of a 'general concepts' type of approach to learning.  There still will be details to memorize for exams -- we'll never get fully away from that! - but the lectures deal with an increased emphasis on the bigger picture. 

In our last 'Intro to Nursing Science' class, for example, we discussed the Canadian health care system, as it relates to government funding, policy, division of resources, priorities of funding and federal vs. provincial government roles in funding and managing the system.  I think it is very important to know how the system works, where we as nurses fit into that system, and where we can and should have some influence to better it.

For myself, I've spent enough years working in the government arena, that I seem to be quite 'allergic' to anything remotely political in nature. I think I'll be quite happy simply being a 'worker bee' in the health care system, and leave the policy change meetings and process to others...but then again, having such a deep knowledge and significant experience in how the machinery of government system works, who knows where I'll end up....  For the time being, maternal health/L&D, paeds, ICU or Emerg are my priorities, and NOT sitting in government meetings!!!  Been there, done that. 

Getting back to the busy current school term, the clinical placements all require some type of follow-up documentation piece to be written, which I didn't realize before starting them, would be part of the process.  And we are not even talking about 'care plans' yet, as we haven't started our long-term care rotation...I am certain those will be added to the mix soon enough!  Lots of writing to do -- good thing I love writing (even if its not creative writing we're doing at school -- its still writing!)

Today I will be continuing my Public Health placement by starting my school nurse rotation.  I will have the priviledge of being part of a kindergarten class for a few weeks, and doing 'well child' health assessments.  I've very excited to be going to today's placement.  I love being with little kids, and did a lot of volunteering in my youngest child's kindergarten class last year -- I have a good idea of what we're getting into today!  It will be busy!!!  I also have to finish up my public information/outreach placement with the blood pressure clinic in a local shopping mall in the coming days. 

Busy few days ahead!  I'm so lovin' this experience!!!

Have I mentioned lately how grateful and totally contented I am, to be in nursing school and undertaking a career change???  It's probably been a week or two since I last mentioned that.

If anyone is even remotely dreaming of making a career change, and you have a good idea of where you'd want to change it to, all I can say is 'go for it'.  Making that decision to change career was, I think, the hardest decision of my life.  But once it was made, and I was on the new path, it was like a weight lifted from my whole body, and even though there have been stressful times and exam periods, overall, it has truly been amazing.  I'm so much happier, content, my outlook is brighter, I'm having more fun with my family...I simply feel like I'm truly living my life now, and not just getting through each day.

It is an amazing feeling to be doing something you truly love.

Try it for yourself, and find out exactly what I mean.

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