Friday, January 11, 2013

Best. Afternoon. Ever. (So Far!)

We had our first clinical experience today, in public health.  We ran a blood pressure clinic in a local shopping mall.

It was the first time I got to dress like a medical professional (business casual + short lab coat) and spend time in public.  For our simulation labs last semester, we had to (got to finally!) wear scrubs, but it was always just for the reason of going to a lab.  This was going out into the world.

I was actually quite nervous at the start.  I'd done public relations at work booths before, I am definitely NOT shy and I love meeting new people and talking and listening to them.  But I'd never taken a blood pressure in a noisy, busy shopping mall before, and never before had I been looked at as someone "in the know" in the medical field.  It was so amazing.  Once I had my first client sit down in the chair opposite me and I started the brief introductory questionnaire we were to do, all the nerves were gone and pure joyful adrenalin was going through me.

That may sound overdone, but I was truly that happy doing a simple blood pressure clinic.  I can only imagine that I will somehow float home after my first L&D clinical shift, if I was so happy after today's simple experience.

It's funny how a simple experience lasting only a few hours has increased my confidence exponentially. 

This career change is the BEST thing I have ever done, in my career choices. 

Today, for the first time ever, while driving home after even such a simple experience, I honestly felt what "career satisfaction" feels like.  Today was a day well spent, doing something I really enjoy, and I feel I did something useful that benefitted somebody.

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