Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4th semester started today

I had six hours of classes today, with a one hour break in between. Whew!  That is a lot, especially after a good three weeks off for the Christmas vacation!  The old brain is tired tonight.

But I just wanted to take a minute and write down my thoughts.  I am so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude that I am really in nursing school.  The profs I met today are all intelligent, dynamic and interesting people.  I love them already and cannot wait to learn all that they can teach me.

My first clinical experience will take place Friday. My first lab will be on Thursday to prep me for that first clinical shift. 

Clinical pharmacology starts tomorrow, which looks to be an incredibly interesting course too.

I just have to sit back for the rest of the evening and simply take it all in.  I still find it a bit hard at times to truly believe that I actually made that change from my first career -- despite all that I had invested in getting to the place I was, in that career.  It was truly a lot to give up.  But now, it feels like a gift to have had the courage to give it all up, and embark on this amazing nursing adventure.

Gratitude.  Peace.  Joy.  Happiness.  That about describes me.  :-)

I'll never tell anyone what to do, but I can say that if you have a dream, even a really old dream, buried very deep within you...if you get a chance to follow it, grab that chance.  And if you don't have a chance presented to you on a silver platter, like I was lucky enough (just needed the courage to say OK, I'm going for it!), then try to find a way to make that chance reality. 

Following and fulfilling your dreams is an incredible feeling.  Being truly happy, content and at peace with your core self in simply the best feeling e-v-e-r.  It takes work, it takes courage, it takes a leap of faith...but it is so worth it in the end.

I guess this is what it means, when people talk about living an "authentic life".

I am so grateful to be exactly where I am with my life -- including past experiences and opportunities, and current ones. 


Future Nurse Kate

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