Thursday, January 10, 2013

Student Discount

Late yesterday afternoon, I had my first clinical pharmacology class.  I think that's going to be "the" tough course this semester...and I also think it will be one of my favourite ones.  That's just a gut feeling, but I seem to really love the topic already.  It's fascinating.

The health sciences department at my university is connected to a large hospital.  The medical bookstore is located in the lobby of the hospital.  So during a break during our pharmacology class, I ran over to the hospital bookstore to get a nursing drug reference handbook.

I was in a real hurry, as our class break was very short.  I glanced around the bookshelves quickly, but didn't see anything drug or pharmacology-related titles, so I asked the lady behind the desk to point me in the right direction.  She was very helpful and got up to take me to the right section.

As she did so, she leaned towards me, and said quietly to me, in a voice that implied we're conspiring in something.  "Here, follow me, I'll take to you the student section. We give them a bit of a discount on the books.  It'll save you a few dollars." 

Hehehe!  Of course she assumed I was a RN and not a student, given my age!  I laughed and laughed on the inside.  Bring on the student discounts!!!  I must say, it felt good to be viewed as a working professional again.  :-)  Soon enough...

And I would have done the same thing, if the roles were reversed, and I was in her shoes! 

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