Friday, January 11, 2013

Almost 40 but still feeling 20

Someone on my FB account shared this e-card yesterday, which literally made me laugh out loud (and has generated more than a few spontaneous chuckles since then, too!)

"I'm almost 40 but I still feel like I'm 20...until I hang out with some 20 year olds.  Then I'm like no, never mind, I'm 40." (The image comes up when you click on the link, but I can't seem to post it on Blogger!)
I thought to myself, yes, going back to nursing school is a good reality check for feeling that way!!!  Luckily, I'm far from being the only one in my "mature" second-career situation, and honestly, everyone I've met, younger and older, has been truly nice and friendly.  Nursing school is a good mix of ages, interests, backgrounds, cultures and personalities.

For some reason, I can't post the graphic from the source credited website on my blog.  (Blogger why have you changed how I can post photos on my blog??? It used to be so simple...)  When I have more time, I'll try again to post the actual image here. 

Getting back to the quote, it's almost like one of those situations where in the past I have often said, "I can choose to laugh or to cry over this right now -- I choose to laugh".

I'm off to prep for my first clinical experience later today!!!  I'm really looking forward to that.

And nobody had better ask me if I'm the instructor...

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