Wednesday, February 8, 2012

*&^%$ Krebs Cycle!!!

Hans Krebs and I are not friends. 

I guess I really shouldn't blame him specifically, because had he not discovered the Krebs cycle, somebody else was bound to figure it out, and I'd still have to be learning it this week.

Metabolism and biochemistry are just topics that I cannot seem to get to stick in my brain.  I've studied this crazy stuff in high school, during my science degree (where I even suffered through two biochem courses!), and now again, in middle age, it is before me again.  And I still don't really know it, nor do I care about it in the least. 

Nonetheless, it is on this Friday's midterm exam, and yet again, I must memorize enough of it to get a decent grade.  This is one time I truly feel guilt-free in saying that I am learning something just to know it for the exam.

Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, this will be the last time in my life that I need to learn this complicated glycolisis-Krebs cycle-electron transport chain nonsense.  (OK, it's not really nonsense, it is actually necessary for life, but to me it is nonsense, as that is what my brain seems to remember, rather than the complicated biochemical reactions that it should be appreciating and memorizing!)

Please, please, please tell me that this will not be part of the Nurse Practitioner curriculum....

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