Friday, February 3, 2012

"You know you're a nurse when..."

I came across this gem recently.  I have no idea who the author is, so cannot give credit to anyone, but am not claiming credit, either.  I can say this is good!

You know you're a nurse when: You threaten anyone who mentions it being "quiet", You have the bladder capacity of five people, You have been exposed to that many xrays its now a form of birth control, You seriously feel caffeine should be available in IV form, You admire people with "great veins" in the supermarket, Your idea of fine dining is standing up eating a sandwich, You have planned your weekends off for the next two years, Your favorite hallucinogen is exhaustion, You laugh at anyone who names their child "Malena"!!

So watch out, I just may be checking out and admiring your wonderful arm veins!

And for those of you who don't know what "malena" means, you can Google "malena medical terminology" if you are really curious.  Just don't do it during your lunch break, though!  (And please don't name your kid that.)


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