Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Midterm 1 exams - recap

Well, that was a tough, detailed clinical microbiology exam.  I think it went fine, but it was definitely much tougher than I had expected.  Hopefully my results will reflect that impression that I have about the exam!

The other exam I was somewhat concerned about from two weeks ago, anatomy of the skeletal system and integumentary system, actually, by some miracle, got me a very good result.  And I was so concerned about it!!!  I had already been thinking about options of re-taking the class in the summer, if need be...sheesh.  For the time being, all is very, very well.

The third midterm exam I had was last Friday, on the digestive system.  I got my confidence back after writing that one, as I think it went really well (again, results will tell for sure!).  I was hoping to not be a "one-semester wonder" in nursing school, and then fizzling with my marks in second term...however, I don't think that will be the case.  At least I hope not! Lol!!!

I've been writing and posting a lot more recently.  I so do enjoy writing, and I got to thinking that in hind-sight, just as with a journal, it will be more interesting to have a more detailed description of the journey through the adventure, than just periodic highlights.  So I'm hoping to keep writing more, even it if may seem like banale details at the given moment.

I'm also thinking that starting next semester, the nursing school adventure will definitely get more interesting, when the 'hands on' components start - starting with a simulation lab (before they let us loose on real patients, we will practice in simulation situations!), and then all the various clinical rotations we get to do.  Those experiences will be filled with so many interractions with so many people, that it will be so much more interesting than just memorizing textbooks and writing exams.

However, in addition to memorizing textbooks and writing exams, this semester brings something new -- a term paper!  Ha!  I haven't written one of these in years.  Good thing I enjoy writing....  It's for my Ethics in Health Care class, and I'll be posting more on that soon.

Lunch time!!!

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