Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One more day to go

Just one more day stand between having four months free from school...and FINALLY getting around to tackling the clutter pile that is my house.

I have my schedule for third year, and I realize I truly need to get my house in order, literally, before the start of third year.  House-related things need to be functioning smoothly and relativerly easily, in order that we'll be able to keep up the other family-related demands a family of 5 has.  I've got the summer to purge, de-clutter, organize, clean, paint and streamline, and now I also have the impetus (i.e. 3rd year nursing school's schedule looming over my head!) to do so.

Just one more day to do my best at sitting at my desk and trying to learn what's in the textbook and in my notes. 

Oh, and my youngest child had her two front teeth knocked out at school yesterday, when they made contact with her friend's head.  She is resilient and has re-bounded fully, and I am still somewhat shaken.  One was knocked clean out, and the other was hanging all askew and bloody.  Ugh.

Yesterday at the dentist's office, I was the mom who had to briefly leave the room as her child's tooth got yanked.  I just couldn't bear to watch.  I now fully understand the need for a "degree of separation" needed in the medical field.  It's not an absolute must, if truly needed I'd have stayed there and been composed...or even participated if I'd had to...but honestly, it would be so hard caring/treating a family member or friend. 

Just one more day!!!

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