Thursday, April 25, 2013

Freedom is a (GREAT) Feeling!

Well, its done!  I'm officially "half" a nurse.  Every class, every clinical shift, every care plan from here on it, will be on the latter half towards the finish line.  It's as if these past two years have been 'climbing' to the peak, and the next two years, will be sliding down to the finish line.

It feels great to be half-way done. 

I truly cannot believe how quickly these two years have flown by.  And what's a bit scary to think about too, is how quickly two years would have also flown by had I still been thinking and agonizing over my decision to quit my job in my first career, and start nursing school.  I could so easily have found myself still sitting in my chair, in my little office, wishing I had the nerve to start nursing school and dreaming about being a nurse.

Well, guess what?  I did it - I made the decision and haven't looked back.  One of the best decisions of my life, and without a doubt, THE most difficult. 

Now to relax a bit, start to tackle my huge list of projects around the home that need to be done by September, get myself back into shape and catch up on having some fun times without school hanging over my head. 

Today, I am an 'rn'...not an RN, but an 'rn' (lower case).  This time last year, when I finished first year, my son declared that I was a "lower case r", this year I've earned the "lower case n".  Next year I'll be working on getting a capital R...

Future Nurse Kate

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