Sunday, April 14, 2013

Still trying to concentrate on studying

On one hand, it was great to have an almost two week break between the end of classes and the start of my final exams.

Actually, given all the sickness, fevers, coughs, congestion and general lack of sleep and energy of the past week, its been a totally needed break.  I haven't been sick all year, and now, as soon as classes ended, I was flattened with sickness.  Then my older daughter got sick, and then my younger daughter got sick.  And when there's sick kids awake at night, there's a mama awake at night.  There is hope on the horizon that we are all finally overcoming this potent virus.

But seriously, it is so hard to maintain a sustained concentration on studies.  Memorizing all the drug names for pharmacology has just been the worst.  The only bit of gratitude I have in memorizing all those names is that my exercising my brain at my age, to this extent, will hopefully stave off my developing dementia when I'm old.  One can but hope that memorizing all those crazy names will have a benefit that outlasts the three-hour exam! Lol!

Back to the books.  This will all be over in another 10 days...

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