Monday, April 29, 2013

Next Step

My next step, is to try to update my curriculum vitae/résumé.  I would like to find a part-time or casual job as a home care worker this summer, as I'd like to get some health care experience.  Some extra money wouldn't hurt either!

I'll be going to meet with my univerity's career counselling people this week.  I hope they have some good insight to share with me, regarding how best to update my c.v. in a way that includes my transferrable skills from my first career, plus my education and relevant health-related volunteer experience.  This should be interesting.  I've researched this topic a bit on the web, and there is no shortage of suggestions out there - and they vary widely!

I've volunteered to help out as part of the medical team for my city's upcoming marathon.  They want nursing students.  Yay!

Now that classes, labs and clinicals ore over until September, I've realized that I miss wearing scrubs!

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