Thursday, April 4, 2013

Final week of second year BScN program!!!

Today is my lab exam -- talking my way through an exam as I show the instructors how I do practical skills. 

It'll be either giving injections or doing sterile dressing changes.  I have to prepare both procedures thoroughly, and then I find out which one I'm doing at the exam.  I just want this over with -- waiting is always the hardest part. Doing something is always much better than waiting to do something!

Tomorrow is my last shift of my LTC rotation.  I'm going to miss 'my' patients in the end-stage dementia unit.  I've certainly learned a lot there --both in terms of nursing skills and what's truly important in life, what priorities are key in life.

The past few weeks have been a very bumpy ride, and I am extremely grateful that the end of second year is in sight.  After tomorrow's clinical shift, I just have 3 final exams to study for, and that's that.  I'll officially be "half" a nurse -- half way through nursing school.

Whew.  It's flying by faster than I ever expected.

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