Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three more months

Three months -- that is how soon nursing school starts.  Just three more months.  Three  more months of going to work, of having a paycheque and three more months of having a chaotic home life where we never seem to have the time and energy to get anything more than the basics done (and sometimes even the basics don't quite get done on time). 

The end of this (extremely) long transition period seems suddenly very close.  And very surreal. 

As I've mentioned before, one reason I started writing this blog is because I couldn't find somebody else's blog detailing the process of willingly leaving a good, secure job to go fulfill one's dream job.  I figured that perhaps writing the process out would at least help me work through the issues one faces when deciding to take off the 'golden handcuffs'.  Reading somebody else's blog is one thing -- it is easy.  Trying to figure out the issues on your own blog -- not always so easy!

So I apologize if I appear to be waffling on this decision -- I am not.  I truly want to be a nurse, to work in the medical environment, to be able to assist others through medical knowledge (both teaching and doing actual procedures).  I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity at this stage in my life.

It is just that it is a huge decision.  Admittedly, it is something that I've been contemplating and analyzing the pros/cons for at least the last 12 years, so some thought has gone into it already!  :-)  But thinking about something is extremely different than actually doing something.  Thinking is 'safe', as you can always put off the thinking.  Actually making the decision real, that's a commitment.  And right now, I am at that stage of truly making this commitment by soon giving official notice in my current job.

I am so looking forward to leaving the transition stage, rolling up my sleeves, and hitting the books and soon enough after that, starting clinicals.

I just want to finally start.

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