Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working during nursing school

To work or not work during nursing school?    Yes and no.

It certainly can be done.  I worked full time when I did my Master's degree (and graduated top of the class, if I might be so bold as to add that tidbit of info!) :-) So I know first-hand that it can be done.

But this upcoming school stint will be very different, in that I am no longer a single, childless woman.  I now have mommy and wife responsibilities (and I love that!!!).  I've seriously considered working part-time at my current job during my first couple years at nursing school, but between work, school, studying, and day-to-day life stuff, it may just be a bit much to do.  I still think it could be done, but it goes counter to one main reason I'm leaving my work -- namely because our current work/life balance (or lack thereof!) is burning us out and stressing us all.

However, I do think I will work part-time doing something I used to do a long time ago.  Teach music!  There is a music school very near our house, where I would like to teach for a few hours each week.  The commute is extremely close (I could even walk there), and I wouldn't have to go through the effort of setting up my own piano studio just yet.  I dream one day of having my own little music studio. 

Ideally, I'd love to work part-time as a nurse, and part-time as a music teacher from home.  Those are my two areas of work/life that I'm most passionate about, and always have been.  Imagine actually having both of them as "work" -- goes with the motto I love most -- "do what you love, love what you do."   It may finally be coming true for me.  Yahoo!  :-)

I used to teach piano in high school, under the guidance of my own piano teacher.  After finishing my Gr. 10 RCM piano exam in high school, I went on to study music at university and graduated with a BMus. degree.  Then I got my current job, and was so happy to have a job, that life took me down my current path.  So I definitely have the qualifications to teach, as well as experience (albeit a long time ago!).  But when I honestly look at how I related to the children I taught then, compared to what I know now about children, I have a completely new and deeper understanding and appreciation of how children are.  I will definitely now be a much better music teacher in terms of how to motivate them, cultivate their musical abilities and encourage them.

I've been wanting to make music a greater part of my life for many years now, and it looks like that time is coming closer now.  And I think perhaps it might be a better idea to make a clean break from the work I do now, rather than making an even more protracted transition.  I love writing and will always do some form of communications-related work in my life (be it public health nursing or freelance writing), but just not in the particular industry I am currently in.

It amazes me somewhat, what the spin-off effects of making one major life decision can have on other parts of your life!  And I mean positive effects!  :-)

Onwards and upwards.

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